Internet Connection Speed Test

US West Datacenter (Location OHIO)

Test your cable, fiber, mobile or any broadband connection speed and resolve your ip-address

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Your IP Address - ISP name, country (distance in miles)

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Speed test FAQ

PING: system sends ping command to our datacenter, faster responce time means more fluid network connection.
Response time is shown in milliseconds (ms). Smaller is better.

JITTER: or packet delay variation (PDV) is not so noticeble when reading websites, but higher jitter
measures may show when there is problems (puffering and interruptions) with streaming or gaming. Smaller is better.

DOWNLOAD: speed shown (in megabytes/second)when test downloads from our datacenter server. Bigger is better.

UPLOAD: speed shown (in megabytes/second) when test uploads from you to our server. Bigger is better.

YOUR IP: your IP address ( is shown here.

ISP NAME and (distance): shows the name of your internet service provider (ISP) and the distance
between your ISP and our datacenter.

OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED WEB BROWSERS: Google Chrome or Chromium based browsers, Microsoft IE11, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox,
Apple Safari and Opera.
(speedtest can be run with any web browser that supports Web Workers and XHR level 2)

Javascript MUST be enabled!

WHAT DATACENTER I SHOULD USE WHEN RUNNING THIS SPEEDTEST: altough all our datacenters can handle the speed test no matter where,
in the USA you are situated, it's always best when you use the closest datacenter to run the test.